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Let's Talk About!


You've got questions and I've got answers.

From natural hairstyling to hair loss, I will be hosting Live Q&As weekly during Jan 2022 to address all of the misconceptions and misinformation out there on how to properly care for, style, and adorn your crown.


Each week will stack on the information from the previous week's session, but if you miss one, you can still hop on in based on the topics that interest you the most. 

About  Me

tri·​chol·​o·​gist (noun)| \ tri-ˈkä-lə-jist  \

A certified professional with specialized training in identifying and treating conditions of the hair and scalp, such as hair loss and thinning.

I am a Certified Associate Trichologist, Master Stylist, Master Colorist, and a Hair Loss Practitioner. 

From Alopecia, Cradle Cap, Psoriasis, and bald spots to generally thinning hair, dandruff, and itchiness, I've seen and helped heal it all. 

As an Associate Trichologist, I want to help heal your crown so you feel empowered

to pursue your life purpose and bring your visions to life, in style!

With a passion for vegan, organic, local, and lovingly handmade products in my own home,

I apply the same principles to my products. 

Erin, CEO and Educator

Week  One

Square One - The Chair

  • Who knows best? The Client or The Stylist?

  • Invested Clients vs Chair Hoppers

  • Pricing

    • Length of Service

    • The Stylist's Knowledge & Experience

  • Hair Growth​

  • Dry Hair

  • Hair Shedding

  • Damaged Ends

  • Hair Loss

  • Itching & Breakage

  • Allergic Reactions

  • Product Recommendations

    • Oils (What to Use and What NOT to Use)​

  • How to Do Your Own Research

  • When & Who to Ask for Help

Week  Two

Identify the Root Causes & Symptoms

Week  Three

Oh, We Styling!

  • Protective Styles

    • What to do In-Between Styles

    • Taking Wigs Off

    • Extensions

    • Braiding

  • Textures

    • ​Identify Your Hair's Texture​
    • How to Style for YOUR Hair's Texture​​

  • Locs 

    • Combs​

    • Tightness

    • Dryness

    • Breakage

Week  Four

Color Me Beautiful & Next Steps

  • Coloring at Home vs The Salon

  • Home Coloring

    • Common Mistakes

  • The Salon​

    • Red Flags at the Salon

    • Green Flags at the Salon

    • Before the Salon

    • After the Salon

  • In-Between Coloring Sessions

  • What Comes Next?

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